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            According to the 1997 Constitution, and the present 2007 Constitution, the Courts of Justice have an independent secretariat, namely, the Office of the Judiciary headed by the Secretary - General who will report directly to the President of the Supreme Court. Appointment of the Secretary-Generalof the Office of the Judiciary must be approved by the Judicial Commission. 
         The President of the Supreme Court will be empowered to instate and proceed to the King for the Royal Command of Appointment. The Secretary-General of the Office of the Judiciary shall be appointed from a person who has been transferred from a judge. The Office of the Judiciary has autonomy in personnel administration, budget, and other activities as provided by law. It has its own staffs and is divided into several offices and divisions. Office of Information Technology, Alternative Dispute Resolution Office, Office of Judicial and Legal Affairs, and the Judicial Training Institute are alsounder the Office of the Judiciary. The work of the Office of the Judiciary concerning international judicial cooperation is under responsibility of the International Affairs Division. 
       According to the Act on Judicial Administration of the Courts of Justice B.E. 2543, the Office of the Judiciary is an independent official organization having a status of a juristic person and has powers and duties regarding the administrative works of the Courts of Justice, the judicial affairs and the judicial technical affairs in order to support and facilitate the Courts of Justice as well as to ensure that trial and adjudication are Carried out expediently, speedily and efficiently carried out.