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Court of Justice of Thailand

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           The structure of the Courts of Justice is divided into two parts : administration and adjudication. Before August 20, 2000, the Ministry of Justice was responsible for the administrative works of all courts. The main role of the Ministry of Justice was to provide courts with supports, including budget, personnel and office equipment, to enable them to operate their works efficiently. At present, the Office of the Judiciary, an independent organization and a juristic person, is the only organization responsible for the administration of the Courts of Justice. This change will guarantee independence of the Thai Judiciary from political interference. In the judicial service, Section 197 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2550 (2007) prescribes that the trial and adjudication of cases are the powers of courts, which must proceed with justice in accordance with the Constitution and the law and in the name of the King. In addition, Section 218 prescribes that the Courts of Justice have power to try and adjudicate criminal, civil, bankruptcy, and all cases which are not within the jurisdiction of other types of courts. When there is a problem of whether a particular case will fall under the jurisdiction ofwhich type of courts, the Committee on the Determination of the Power and Duties among Courts presided by the President of the Supreme Court is authorized by Section 199 of the Constitution to make a decision. Such decision is final.